Profit on Debt 2020 | Section 151 and 7b | Income tax rate on Profit
Profit on Debt 2020 | Section 151 and 7b | Income tax rate on Profit #Ph03417763776 #hmkashif2010 #technicalinformationportal Follow me on Other Social Accounts for regular updates: ► Phone Number: 03417763776 ► Facebook: ►Instagram: ►WhatsApp Groups Links 01 02 03 04 ►Hi I’m Hafiz Muhammad Kashif, Welcome to my YouTube Channel Technical Information Portal. Technical Information Portal is the plate form here we are guiding practically and theoretically about tax related issues, News& Views, Business Ideas and Tips & Tricks. Join us on YouTube Tax Basics: Further ►National Tax Payer Number (NTN): 1. How to Get/make Simple NTN 2. How to get/make Business NTN 3. How to get free NTN in 1 minute for every one - for Foreigners, employees/ Salaried Person (Managers, Teachers, Clerk, etc) for Students, House wife etc 4. How to Change Email Address and Phone Number 5. How to get Business License in a minuts 6. How to change Password 7. How to change PIN 8. How to make non resident Person's NTN 9. How to Add Bank Account in NTN ►Tax Returns: 1. Tax Return for Salaried Person/Employees 2. Tax Return for Business Man 3. Tax Return for Small Shopkeeper/business man/ Fix Tax Return 4. Tax Return for Pensioners / Retired Person 5. Tax Return for Non Resident - Part I, Part II and Part III 6. Tax Return for Lease/Rental Property, Rental Vehicle etc 7. Tax Return from Mobile Application / Tax Asaan Application 8. Tax Return to become a Filer OR 8(a). How to include your name in ATL/Active Tax Payer List 2018 8(b). 2019 9. Withholding Tax Statement 165 (1) Biannual I Tax Return I 2 Methods 10. How to Revise Income Tax Return 11. How to Resolve Late filing issue/notice 114(4) 12. Tax Return File for Previous year - Why? 13. Tax Return for current year 14. Sale Tax Return 15. How to become an active taxpayer from 1st march 2020 onward 16. Tax Return for Profit on Debt / Bank Profit / National Saving Certificate / Govt. Certificate / Profit Received / Profit Paid / Loan received to purchase property or for construction 17. How to Add Bank Account/Annuity/Debenture/microfinance/bond/certificate/deposits/fund/instrument/policy/share/stock/unit in income tax return How to file tax return (Basics) Part 01: 1. Who is Required to File Tax Return I 2019 I Technical information Portal 2. Who is required to Declare Assets I New FBR Circular I Technical Information Portal. 3. who is exempted to file tax return I 2019 Technical Information Portal 4. Secrete behind people who want to become a filer I 2019 I Benefits of Filer 5. Penalties on non-filing of Tax Return. 6. Which Documents are required to file tax return for salaried person 2019 I individual I Self Employed 7. Which Documents are required to file tax return for Sole Proprietor, Freelancer, Self Employed 2019 8. How to get NTN Number online Free Complete Process. 9. How to Check your NTN, STRN, NAME, ADDRESS, & CNIC etc 10. How to check NTN and How to save your tax. 11. How to get Taxpayer Registration Certificate 12. how to change pin code / Password of iris account I Technical Information Portal 13. How to check withholding tax deposited by withholding agent | MIS | Management Information System. 14. How to Add bank Accounts for Refund. 15. How to Add bank Accounts in NTN. 16. How to add foreign Address for Foreigner / Non Resident's NTN. Active Taxpayer: 1. What is ATL (Active Taxpayer List) and how to check your name in ATL List by three ways 2 What are the benefits of ATL list or filing tax return or Benefits of Filer 3. how to become Active Taxpayer or How to include your name in ATL after due date in 2018 & 2019 ATL How to Generate PSID / Online Tax Challan / Payment Slip ID / CPR (Computerized Payment Receipt) 1. How to Submit Salary Tax withheld I PSID I Part 01 2. How to submit Income Tax withheld I PSID I Online Challan Receipte I Part 02 3. Admitted Tax PSID I Part 03 4. How to prepare PSID and CPR of Sale Tax Withheld I PSID I Part 04 5. PSID - PRA 6. How to Edit / Delete PSID Budget: Budget updates 2019 Budget Updates 2020