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Tax Attorney in Houston | Looking for a Houston Tax Attorney? Tax Attorney in Houston | Looking For a Houston Tax Attorney? Free Consultation: 888-346-5470 FREE Report Reveals "The Top 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Hire a Tax Resolution Firm."

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Houston Office (by Appointment Only!) 777 S. Post Oak Lane, Suite 1700 Houston, Texas 77056 TAX ATTORNEY HOUSTON 0:05 Tax Attorney Houston 0:12 Attorney for IRS for 12 Years 0:27 IRS Audit Houston Texas 0:56 What You Should Know? 1:24 The Law Office of Deborah Gregory Deborah Gregory is arguably the top tax attorney in the nation. If you live in or around Houston, TX are in trouble with the IRS, it is very important you watch this video until the very end. Mrs. Gregory worked as an attorney with the IRS for 12 years and left to serve individuals like you. The Law Offices of Deborah Gregory, PLLC can represent you if you are an individual or small business owner who is under audit by the IRS, owe back taxes to the IRS, or are under criminal investigation by the IRS. It is very important that if you are in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service that you do not ignore them or try and fight them yourself. They have hundreds of employees who spend every moment of every working day to ensure the IRS collects money they believe you owe them. Deborah has seen countless families devastated by the IRS, which is a big part of the reason she left. Deborah is headquartered in Addison and serves clients in Houston and all across Texas. If you owe the IRS money, have received a letter from the IRS, or are under audit, call The Law Office of Deborah Gregory, PLLC. Deborah will personally call you back within 24 hours to give you a FREE Consultation and assess you case for you. Remember, if you ignore the IRS they can and will do anything in their power to collect from you. They can garnish your wages, freeze your bank accounts, and even show up and shut down your business. Houston Office (by Appointment Only!) 1778 S. Post Oak Lane, One Riverway, Suite 1700 Houston, TX 77056 Tax Attorney in Houston Free Consultation: 888-346-5470 Don't try to and fight the IRS alone...let a former IRS attorney fight for you! Visit our website:
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