IRS Form 8332 – How to Claim My Child As a Dependent?
IRS Kind 8332 - How to Declare My Child As a Dependent?

< iframe width="480" height="320" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen > The deduction for individual exemptions and dependent exemptions were suspended under the TCJA in 2017. However, a Taxpayer can still have a dependent for functions of claiming certain tax credits. In order to claim most credits, the moms and dad should be the custodial moms and dad of the kid. In cases where the parents agree for the noncustodial moms and dad to claim the child, the custodial moms and dad must release the exemption. In this video we will go over the following subjects: 1. What circumstances require completing Form 8332. 2. How to submit the type. 3. Can the type be used for more than one year? 4. How is the Kind dealt with in divorce arrangements. Sign up for the channel for more episodes and tutorials. Purchase our tax guides and tutorials here: Have a look at our site for more: Required more help? Set up an assessment: Follow Knott PLLC here: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: Patreon: