IRS Form 2848 – POA and Declaration of Representative
IRS Form 2848 - POA and Declaration of Representative

Donations accepted, but never expected: PayPal.Me/HEATHERLEEMEHUDAR WEBSITE: YOU = your "STRAWMAN" or ENS LEGIS NAME. You = the given-appellation of the Living Wo/Man Send to whoever is the current officer of: Secretary of the Treasury, Director of the Treasury, and IRS Commissioner. Steven Terner Mnuchin d/b/a Secretary of the Treasury, or his successor/assigns Department of the Treasury 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue North West Washington, District of Columbia (Near) [20220] Raúl Maldonado Gautier, d/b/a Director of the Puerto Rico Treasury Department, or his successor/assigns Puerto Rico Treasury Department 10 Paseo Covadonga San Juan, Puerto Rico (Near) [00901] John Andrew Koskinen, d/b/a Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service or his successor/assigns 77 K Street North East Washington, District of Columbia (Near) [20002] DISCLAIMER: This is not legal advice. This is simply ONE of the ways in which one may choose to fill-out this form . . . if one chose to do so. Do you? I am SELF-governing, as should you too. (aka: Do not contact me for advice.) If you utilize any of the information within this video: you agree all decisions are your own choice, and you hold harmless & indemnify this channel and all people & persons in connection to this channel. All music in the videos for the playlist titled: "Converting the IRS from robber of "YOU" to Robin Hood for "You" are the royalty-free creations of Kevin MacLeod and may be purchased at: ✔ LEGAL NOTICE ***Wrongful DMCA take downs are against the law! When you make FALSE COPYRIGHT CLAIMS, you do so "under penalty of perjury", and if found guilty you can face a fine, imprisonment, or both.