What To Do If An IRS Agent Visits You? – Tax Attorney Jeffrey B Kahn Answers
What To Do If An IRS Agent Visits You? - Tax Attorney Jeffrey B Kahn Answers

Have you been visited by an IRS agent? Do you owe taxes to the IRS? Did you receive any penalties from the IRS? Do you think you can use professional help dealing with the IRS to resolve your issue? Do you need any help with your offshore IRS issue? If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes", call the office of board certified tax attorney Jeffrey B. Kahn at 866.494.68.29 For more information, visit our website at http://www.kahntaxlaw.com/ All information remains strictly confidential. No information is released to third parties or government agencies. The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, please contact us to learn more about our qualifications and experience. Board Certified Tax Attorney, Jeffrey B Kahn ... Related content from the Kahn Tax Law website: Revenue Officer Assistance Revenue Officers are, by definition, “Collection Officers” for the IRS. Revenue Officers are assigned to accounts to collect back taxes. Their objective is to collect the taxes that are owed as quickly as possible and to have the account paid in full. When taxpayers work with Revenue Officers, it is very important that they understand their rights.An IRS tax lawyer can help them understand their rights and get the help they need to overcome the issue. Revenue Officers have the authority to initiate IRS wage garnishment. A Revenue Officer can also enact an IRS levy of bank accounts, file federal tax liens, and even seize assets. Although Revenue Officers hold such a position of power, they must comply with statues and regulations set forth by Congress. In general terms, the IRS is prohibited from taking a taxpayer’s income and assets, if such taking will result in an undue hardship to the taxpayer. The IRS is also barred from taking certain specified exempt assets. Additionally, Revenue Officers must conduct themselves in a professional manner and must provide taxpayers with reasonable time frames to respond to their requests. Unfortunately, not all Revenue Officers respect these limitations and sometimes conduct themselves in a discourteous manner and act without regard to the financial impact of their actions against taxpayers.This is why it is important to contact a tax attorney in San Francisco or a city near you. By retaining a tax lawyer from the Law Offices of Jeffrey B. Kahn, P.C., a taxpayer gains the service and expertise of tax professionals who deal directly with Revenue Officers. Once our law firm is retained and is on record as the Power of Attorney, the assigned Revenue Officer must deal directly with our office, instead of with the taxpayer. Our objective, when dealing with a Revenue Officer, is to identify the appropriate means of resolving the taxpayer’s account given all facts, circumstances and law and to prevent the IRS from taking any inappropriate collection activity. Continue reading at:http://www.kahntaxlaw.com/revenue-officer-assistance/