Washington DC Tax Attorney – Thorn Law Group – Asset Forfeiture Program
Washington DC Tax Attorney - Thorn Law Group - Asset Forfeiture Program

The IRS has reinvigorated its asset forfeiture program -- a program that allows the IRS to seize taxpayer assets. Asset forfeiture laws allow the IRS to seize a taxpayer's assets that were allegedly bought with the proceeds from illegal activity or used in that illegal activity. The IRS can seize assets such as bank accounts, investments, computers, cars, and even houses. However, as an experienced Washington DC tax attorney knows, oftentimes the IRS seizes assets improperly. As former government employees, the attorneys at Thorn Law Group know the operational procedures and the regulations that IRS revenue agents are required to adhere to. This gives your DC tax attorney the upper-hand while evaluating your tax dispute or the seizure of your assets. The attorneys at Thorn Law Group are service-oriented; we provide high-quality legal services with extensive financial and legal knowledge, and the newest technology to stay abreast of every tax or IRS update. If the IRS has seized your property, it is imperative that you seek a representative quickly so that you can protect your rights and reclaim your property. Oftentimes your property is seized improperly. Call Thorn Law Group at 202-349-4033 immediately to discuss your legal options. For more information, visit http://www.thorntaxlaw.com/practices/Offshore-Accounts/. http://www.thorntaxlaw.com/ Thorn Law Group 888 16th Street, NW Suite 800 Washington, DC 20006-4104 (202) 349-4033