Tax Attorney Dallas – Need A Dallas Tax Attorney?
Tax Attorney Dallas - Need A Dallas Tax Attorney?

Dallas Tax Attorney- Need A Dallas Tax Attorney? 1-888-346-5470 DALLAS TAX ATTORNEY LEAVES GOVERNMENT SERVICE TO START HER OWN PRACTICE Deborah Gregory is a Dallas tax attorney and Former IRS Attorney who delivers high-value legal services to her clientele. Mrs. Gregory was an IRS attorney for over 12 years. In this role, Mrs. Gregory gained a tremendous amount of experience and expertise in both substantive tax law and the inner-workings of the IRS. Mrs. Gregory also saw firsthand how many honest and well-meaning individuals and businesses were caught-up in the complicated web of the IRS. Frustrated by her inability to help, Mrs. Gregory left the government to follow her newfound passion of helping individuals and businesses with IRS problems. Mrs. Gregory established three principles that serve as the foundation of her tax law practice: expertise, integrity, and trust. Mrs. Gregory possesses a level of tax expertise that distinguishes her from any other Dallas tax attorney, or tax attorney nationwide. Academically, Mrs. Gregory followed up her Doctor of Jurisprudence in Law with a Master of Laws in Taxation from Boston University. Professionally, Mrs. Gregory has practiced tax law exclusively. The majority of Mrs. Gregory's professional experience was spent as a Senior Attorney for the IRS. In this role, Mrs. Gregory represented the government in all phases of the audit, appeals, and litigation processes. In this role, Mrs. Gregory not only honed her technical tax law knowledge, but gained insider knowledge of the IRS that only someone with her experience could possess. Mrs. Gregory brings the highest-level of integrity to her tax law practice. Mrs. Gregory strongly believes that without adopting an integrity-based approach to tax law, the client will suffer. As a result of this approach, Mrs. Gregory has developed numerous professional relationships with clients, fellow practitioners, and government representatives. Mrs. Gregory strives to earn the trust of her clients throughout the life of the engagement. Mrs. Gregory understands that her clients are often confused by the seemingly endless web of rules, regulations, and bureaucracy associated with U.S. and international tax laws. Clients need a competent professional that they can trust to navigate them through the processes of resolving their tax matters. Mrs. Gregory is uniquely positioned to get the best results possible for her clients. irs audit tax attorney best tax attorney audit help tax help tax relief dallas tax attorney texas tax attorney tax attorney dallas tax attorney texas irs attorney dallas tax lawyer dallas dallas tax lawyer dallas tax attorneys tax attorneys dallas tax attorney dallas tx texas tax attorney tax attorney texas tax lawyer dallas tx tax attorney dallas texas tax attorney fees irs tax lawyer irs tax lawyers irs tax attorneys irs tax attorney best irs tax attorney business tax attorney tax attorney help tax help attorney attorneys tax small business tax audit small business tax attorney tax attorney for small business