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What is USTR?
USTR is the best place for taxpayers to find and hire a Tax Resolution Professional. We use consumer reviews, actual case data, and other criteria to rank the best Tax Resolution Professionals in the country.
Is USTR a Tax Firm?
USTR is not a tax firm, we are a consumer review site like Angie’s List or the BBB. We’ve searched the country to find the top Tax Resolution Professionals and interviewed hundreds of real clients to learn which pros are the best. We provide free tools to Tax Payers in need.
How do I use USTR?
USTR is for tax payers in need of tax resolution services. We built a tool called “The Review” to help you find the best tax resolution professionals. Click here to use “The Review” for FREE
What is The Review?
The Review is a tool we built to help you find and hire the best tax resolution professionals available. It ranks Tax Pros based on actual case results, so you’re more likely to save money and have a good experience by using the rankings on The Review
Is there a fee to use The Review?
No. The Review is 100% FREE for Tax Payers like you. USTR is committed to helping Tax Payers in need of professional tax resolution.
Why should I use The Review?
The Review gives Tax Payers the confidence to find and hire a Tax Resolution Professional that they know they can trust. The difference between a quality professional and an unscrupulous one is potential thousands of dollars and it’s hard to tell which is which without doing extensive research. The difference between a quality professional and the best professional is also potentially thousands of dollars but virtually impossible for Tax Payers to compare – until USTR. With The Review, you’ll have confidence finding and hiring the best Tax Resolution Professional available and saving more money as a result. The best part is that we’re FREE for Tax Payers.
Who are the Pros?
USTR has dozens of Tax Resolution Professionals in our Database and that number grows when we find more quality Pros. We only add a Pro after we’ve interviewed their real clients and evaluated their actual case results. Then, the Pro gets added to the rankings on The Review and Tax Payers like you have the option of contacting them further.
Furthermore, USTR will only add Pros to our Database if they are an Enrolled Agent (EA). There are only 3 types of individuals allowed to represent you on your behalf to the IRS: Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s), and Enrolled Agents (EA’s). EA’s are the only individuals that focus 100% on taxation and they’re also the only ones that are required to renew a yearly certification with the IRS.
How are the rankings calculated?
Rankings are calculated by a proprietary algorithm that measures over a dozen categories for hundreds of cases. The most important measurements are: Return on Investment, Accuracy of Quote, and Customer Satisfaction. We do make changes to the algorithm, so rankings you see one day may change by the next time you see them.
Can the Pros pay to improve their rankings?
No. Pros can only improve their rankings by improving the performance of their case resolution.
How does USTR get reviews for The Review?
USTR gets reviews by interviewing real clients and measuring actual case results. After a client is accepted by the Pro, USTR confirms the estimated costs and tax liability with both the client and the Pro. When the case is completed, USTR confirms the actual costs and tax liability reductions, as well as customer satisfaction and subjective reviews. By working with USTR, you can help other individuals make a smart decision by picking the best Pro available.
How is my privacy protected by USTR?
USTR does not sell your information to any 3rd parties. USTR also protects the confidentiality of your feedback, as well as your identity. We use SSL encryption on our site and make our Privacy Policy available to you.
Does USTR make money?
USTR makes a small, flat fee from the Pro only when a Tax Payer decides to a hire a Tax Resolution Professional from The Review.
What happens after I pick a Pro?
After you pick a Pro, we will share their contact info with you as well as pass along your contact info to them. You will likely have a consulatation about your tax problem and then decide if you would like to have the Pro work your tax resolution case – there is no commitment required to hire a Pro you select from The Review.
Once you have decided to work with a Pro from The Review, we will confirm basic case info with the Pro. After your case has been resolved, we will verify the results of the case with you via email and potentially phone if necessary. Your confirmation of the results provides other tax payers with helpful information to make a smart decision and get out of tax debt.
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