Should I Hire A Tax Attorney? – Solvable
Should I Hire A Tax Attorney? - Solvable

If you’re struggling with tax matters like unfiled back taxes, IRS debt, liens, levies or wage garnishments, you may be considering hiring a tax resolution firm for assistance. There are a few types of tax practitioners that could help you with tax issues: individual tax attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents. But a tax relief firm often has all three. This can help keep your costs down, while getting the profesional help you need. CPAs typically handle tax issues like preparing and filing tax returns and minimizing your tax liability. Tax attorneys specialize in resolving high-level tax problems like penalty abatement and releasing wage garnishments, tax liens, and levies. At tax relief firms, they are often supported by IRS Enrolled Agents for tasks like filing tax returns. Since CPAs offer simpler tax services, they typically charge lower fees than tax attorneys, but may not be the best solution for resolving back tax issues. Hiring a CPA can help you save money if you are seeking help with straight-froward issues such as tax preparation and planning. Individual tax attorneys can represent you in court for complex issues like tax audits, business payroll tax problems and criminal charges. But they can be more expensive than using a tax relief firm for negotiating settlements with the IRS, releasing a bank levy, stopping a wage garnishment or filing an offer in compromise and stopping IRS collections. Tax lawyers are qualified by earning a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree and passing the bar exam administered by their state’s bar association. Some tax attorneys have additional degrees that prepare them to work in tax law. Most tax relief firms offer free consultations before they start working with you. They will provide resolution options and an estimated timeline and cost. Each firm has their own policy, so we recommend confirming whether or not the initial consultation is free. The cost of working with an IRS tax relief firm usually ranges from $500 to $3,500, and can exceed that depending on the case type, time commitment, and resolution method. Some tax attorneys charge hourly, but most tax relief firms charge a flat fee. It is important to ask plenty of questions so you know how much you can expect to spend on this process. Determining whether you should hire a tax attorney or a tax relief firm depends on your individual situation. Solvable reviewed the best tax relief firms in the country for you and we caution against selecting just anyone listed on search advertising as a new tax relief firm seems to open up every week. If you’re dealing with tax debt and need a tax settlement, or tax forgiveness, it’s in your best interest to seek out help from a knowledgeable professional who you can trust. Read Our Reviews For Top 10 Tax Attorneys: Wondering if you need US Tax Court Representation: What Is A Tax Attorney? Find Out Here: What You Should Know About Hiring A Tax Lawyer: Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Tax Professional: Solvable is an online resource for people struggling with debt. We offer tools, education, and reviews of real debt relief companies to help get you into a better financial position. For more information on solving your tax debt, visit