IRS Form 1095 – ExpressIRSForms
IRS Form 1095 - ExpressIRSForms Hi, I’m Charles with ExpressIRSForms. In this video, we’re going to focus on Affordable Care Act Form 1095. Form 1095 is filed by insurance providers and certain employers either as a 1095-B or a 1095-C. If you’re an insurance provider or an applicable large employer, you’ll need to file one of these forms for every client or employee you provide coverage for each year, similar to how W-2s are filed to report wages. Form 1095-C is filed by applicable large employers, and those are employers with 50 or more full-time employees. On Form 1095-C, you’ll need to report your employee’s basic information as well as month by month information about their health insurance coverage. Form 1095-B reports very similar information, but it’s filed by insurance providers who aren’t large employers. A copy of Form 1095 is filed with the IRS and one is sent to your recipient. If you have more than 250 ACA forms to file, you’re required to e-file your forms by the IRS. But we recommend e-filing anyway, it’s faster and you’re less likely to make an error. Especially with ExpressIRSForms! Check out our site for more ACA information or to get started filing.