About Shauna Oviedo-Stewart – Associate Utah Tax Attorney
About Shauna Oviedo-Stewart - Associate Utah Tax Attorney

http://www.taxhelput.com/ - Hi, I’m Shauna L. Oviedo-Stewart the Associate Attorney at the Law Offices of Jordan F. Wilcox. I grew up in Pocatello, Idaho and graduated from Highland High School in 1997. After some stop and go schooling at Idaho State University and Boise State University I finally made my way to Weber State University and graduated in 2006 with dual degrees in Criminal Law and History. In 2010, I decided to finally put those degrees to use and attended law school at Western State College of Law, where I received my Juris Doctorate in 2014. During this time I married my spouse Ezil Oviedo-Stewart in June of 2011 and we welcomed our first son, Asher, into our family in June of 2013. They have been a huge blessing to me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support that they have provided and continue to provide me. I love sports. Growing up with four brothers I learned to love and play almost all sports from a very young age. While I mostly enjoy watching football, and have been a long time-since I was about 5 years old-Washington Redskins fan, I also enjoy watching baseball and basketball, but generally not until the playoffs…. the seasons are just to long for me. I also love running and working out, they are my stress relievers; they give me energy to keep up with my toddler and allow me to tune out the world for a short time. I’m very excited to work with an amazing team, who cares about all of their clients and makes it a priority that they feel like family. I look forward to serving and assisting our clients and helping them change their lives for the better.